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iPad launch: Boston's first in line


We're were on the ground in Boston this morning (and New York, and Colorado, and ... ) waiting for the Apple Store to open. Here at the Boylston Street store the line started very early. At 12:00 am, in fact.

Meet Miles. He's a New Yorker currently attending school in nearby Beverly, MA and was Boston's 1st customer. He arrived at just after midnight to grab the coveted spot. He told me that others began arriving after 12:30 and the stream was steady after then.

The mood in the line was optimistic and people are chatty, as typically happens at Apple line-ups. Miles told me that he had a conversation with one customer about the benefits of the Blackberry, but it didn't last long.

Apple employees are occasionally peering down from behind the store's glass facade and shouting "Miles!" and waving.

This isn't the first time he's waited in line. A few years ago he lined up in New York for the first iPhone and waited out Leopard's release as well.

As for what he's most anticipating? "The Netflix app for sure. And I hope there's a Hulu app as well" (so do we).

Congratulations, Miles! Enjoy your new iPad. We at TUAW admire your resolve.

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