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Pricing for Sony's 2010 3DTVs revealed at


We've been eagerly waiting for some US pricing info on Sony's upcoming 3DTVs, and while SonyStyle still shows only a grim "notify me," is listing pricing information for the LX900, HX900 and HX800 series LCDs. As usual, preorder pricing on sites like this can shift, but at the moment $1,799 nabs a 40-inch LED edge lit XBR-40LX900 with integrated 3D emitter, WiFi and face-tracking, all the way up to the 60-inch version at $3,779. The HX900 (LED backlit) and HX800 (LED edge lit) are both "3D capable," requiring a separate emitter plus the requisite glasses to get down with the extra dimension and falling in somewhere in between in terms of price. The ship date is only mentioned as "coming soon," but at least now you know how many pennies to roll up before heading out to the store some time this summer.

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