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Shibaura Institute of Technology shows off 'robo-skateboard'


Not satisfied with a simple electric skateboard? It seems like some researchers at Japan's Shibaura Institute of Technology weren't either, and have been busily working on this so-called "robo-skateboard" for the past little while. Like some DIY efforts we've seen, this one uses a Segway-like mechanism to let you ride it by simply pressing down on the front or back and turn by leaning left or right, although it apparently tops out at a mere six miles per hour. It also weighs a whopping 33 pounds, which explains the retractable luggage-like handle for carrying it around, and it's apparently been quite a significant investment for the institute -- considering that the researchers are hoping to get the price down to ¥100,000 (or just over $1,000) by 2013, which is when they hope to bring it to market.

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