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Radio Controlled EC280MG excavator is a big, bad Tonka come to life (video)

Tim Stevens

We don't cover all that many radio controlled objects on this program because, well, there are just so many of them. But, every now and again we catch sight of a truly special one, something like this excavator from Modellismo Maximo that's been around for awhile but we thought you'd want to check it out regardless. It's an RC version of the Despe EC280MG, scaled down to 1:14.5 scale and weighing in at an impressive 31.5kg (about 70lbs). It has six axes of movement and is just perfect for loading up the back of your toy trucks -- and then hauling them away, as you can see in a series of videos after the break (each with worse music than the previous). How much to get in on this kind of fun? A mere €4,160 -- $5,630. Nobody said diggin' like this would be cheap.

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