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Jonathan Ive buys a couple of iPads


Steve Jobs wasn't the only one paying a visit to an Apple Store on iPad launch day. Jonathan Ive, Apple's top industrial designer, was snapped buying two of his own products at an Apple Store on April 3rd. It's not clear which store the above pictures were taken in, but you can clearly see the form of two iPad boxes in the bag.

What's the iPad's number two creator doing buying a toy that he helped create? Some might joke that Apple is cheap. Some might say it's a move for more free publicity (like the iPad needs any more free publicity). Me? I'm chalking it up to professional courtesy and class. Support your product in all the ways that you can; get out there to get a buzz off of the excitement you've helped create, and use that buzz to funnel your energy into making the next version even better.

I've got one more image for you below. It's a shot of Steve Jobs during his visit to the Palo Alto Apple Store.

[images via 9to5Mac]

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