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Exhibit B, Q or X: 'Legends' concept art from canceled Pandemic project


Following Pandemic's closure last November, several "secret projects" previously handled by the EA-owned studio slipped further into obscurity. While Mercs Inc. is apparently still in the works at EALA with the help of former Pandemic staff, "Project B" and "Project Q" (code names once used by Pandemic) were reportedly canceled -- and the status of a third mystery game, "Project X," is unknown. The not-to-be Wii racer, The Next Big Thing, was supposedly Project B or Q, and the recently unarchived project, Legends, is likely the other of the two.

Former Pandemic artist Dorian Compo has posted alleged concept art of the so-called Legends project on his self-promotional blog. "This is a project I worked on for a while, but then it was canceled -- not sure why, because it would've been awesome," Compo writes alongside the series of art stills, which depicts a fantasy-type sky world complete with various aircraft designs.

More recently, Compo posted a set of "tarots" bearing a Mercs Inc. logo and said the game was also "canceled." While providing a seemingly erroneous update, perhaps Compo was merely suggesting that the particular version of Mercs Inc. he had once worked on is no more.

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