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NintendoWare Weekly: Mr. Driller, Game and Watch, Fishie Fishie


This week marks the one-year anniversary of the DSiWare service launch, and Nintendo is observing the occasion by putting interesting content on the service! Every week should be some kind of milestone. And speaking of annual observances, there's a Neo Geo game on Virtual Console.

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  • Fishie Fishie (DK Games, 1-4 players, 500 Wii Points): In this one-button game, your constantly ravenous goldfish character must complete over 100 levels, with different goals, while keeping a steady stream of food going into his fish maw. You can also play with up to three of your hungriest friends.
  • Learning with the PooYoos: Episode 2 (Lexis Numerique, 1 player, 500 Wii Points): Lest you forget the teachings of the PooYoos. The game is designed for little ones who haven't figured out that reading business yet, and teaches numbers, letters, shapes, and more basic concepts.
Virtual Console
  • Ironclad (Neo Geo, 1-2 players, 1,000 Wii Points): Once exclusive to the Neo Geo CD platform, this import Neo Geo shooter is now available as a download. This shooter features a wide array of weapons -- including melee weapons -- and an upgradeable "pod' item that you can detach and reattach to your ship.
  • Game & Watch: Manhole (Nintendo, 1 player, 200 DSi Points): Use a manhole cover to keep people from falling through a shockingly unsafe number of open manholes.
  • Game & Watch: Helmet (Nintendo, 1 player, 200 DSi Points): You know immediately why helmets are required on this worsite: workers constantly have to walk through raining tools to get to the office.
  • Game & Watch: Vermin (Nintendo, 1 player, 200 DSi Points): Essentially Whack-a-mole, but with simulated LCD moles.
  • Mr. Driller: Drill Till You Drop (Namco Bandai, 1 player, 500 DSi Points): This game features 40 stages of classic Driller in three different modes.
WarioWare D.I.Y. DLC
  • Big Name Games: Suck Goo! by Ron Carmel
  • Big Name Games: Ikachan! by Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya

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