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Old Spice advergames arrive on XBL Indie Games

Justin McElroy

Some brands just seem to go with gaming. We don't know why Mountain Dew, Cheetos and our beloved Blueberry Muffintops match so perfectly with joysticks and thumb pads, but there's no denying that they do. For whatever reason, Old Spice deodorant desperately wants to be in that club (anyone remember the Old Spice Experience Challenge or its bastardized rehash?).

Now the Bane of B.O. has returned with three Xbox Live Indie (in name only, we guess) Games designed to keep Old Spice in your brain as well as under your arms: Newton vs The Horde, The Fresh Card Game and Old Spice Racers. (Update: A spokesperson for the company requested that we clarify that these games were not, in fact, made by Old Spice but rather by members of the XNA Creators Club in conjunction with the Dream.Build.Play. competition.) We were going to try to describe each of the games, but we only got as far as "zombie Stinkies" before we were overwhelmed by a crippling wave of depression. Props to Xbox 360 Digest for being made of stronger stuff than us.

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