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Optoma PK201 pico projector now shipping, PK301 up for pre-order

Darren Murph

We're still holding out for the faraway 1080p pico projector, but for those who need a display in their pocket before 2023, Optoma's latest aren't half bad options. The PK201 and PK301, both of which made their debut at CES earlier in the year, now have product pages at Amazon, with the former being listed as in stock ($299.99) and shipping this very moment. The other guy is up for pre-order at $399.99, though you'll get an 854 x 480 resolution output with either. 'Course, you may want to hold out for the 301 and its 50 lumens of brightness if the 201's 20 lumens seem a little weak, but hey, the ball's in your court now, vaquero.

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