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The Daily Grind: If you could change a past MMO decision, what would it be?


Whether you're Marty McFly or stuck in Groundhog Day forever, we always have a fascination with the thought of going back in time to change a decision, right a wrong, or reverse the course of history. It's a hypothetical question that appeals to our sometimes crystal-clear hindsight: what decision of yours would you change in the past if given a second chance?

Looking back over your entire MMO career, whether it spans a couple months or decades, what would be the one decision you'd make differently if you somehow go back in time? Would it be to slap your hand away from the keyboard as you went to sign up for a lifetime sub for Hellgate London? Would you choose to subscribe to a different MMO than the one you ended up spending years of your life playing? Maybe it would be a small change, such as starting a good friendship earlier, or investing heavily in Activision and Blizzard.

One change. One decision done different. What would it be?

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