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    Wanted: App reviewers for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch


    UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who applied! We're turning off the email and going through the applications now. There were hundreds and we can't reply to everyone, so bear with us as we slog through the pile and pick out those who we think can do proper reviews for TUAW. Thanks! - ed.

    TUAW is looking for a few good iPad app reviewers, and we're not leaving iPhone or iPod touch users out of the game, either. We pay for reviews (although not for the apps themselves) and we're looking to increase our dedicated app review coverage. To start, read this entire post and follow the directions. We'll call that Test #1.

    What we're looking for:

    • A good grasp of the English language. Stuff like the difference between "its" and "it's" and the ability to present a cogent argument for why you like or dislike something are mandatory. We're going to assume your application is the best example of your writing, but we don't want the worst to be a long journey into the land of bad grammar and typos.
    • Able to work. You must be 18 years old or over, preferably in the US, but if you're overseas you'll need a bank account capable of receiving wire transfers so we can pay you.
    • Punctuality -- because if we need something posted ASAP, we mean it.
    • Passion for detail. The advantage most bloggers bring to the table is a passion for their subject. You may read TUAW because you love Apple products, but can you name the 10 reasons why Apple makes a better MP3 player? You have to consider all the angles before writing a review or you'll wind up missing the point sometimes.
    • Living, breathing, witty humans to write ONLY app reviews and consider a specific beat, like music or games. What we need are dedicated app reviewers to help us review some of the amazing (or bad) apps out there. If you can specialize, we can throw as much at you as you can handle.

    What do you need to do to apply? Send us an email to the address below with:

    • Full contact info including your full name, address, phone and email, plus any IM handles where you can be reached.
    • What devices you own -- iPad, iPod touch or iPhone (be specific)?
    • A very brief explanation of why you want to do this.
    • A sample review no more than 250 words to give us a feel for your writing abilities. Please, no novels.
    Send all this in the body of the email: NO ATTACHMENTS! All attachments go in the trash. We recommend that you write quickly and accurately (that's what we do every day) and bring your appetite: there's plenty on our plate. Deadline for applications is April 15, 2010 -- no more after that. We can't respond to everyone who applies, but if we're interested we will hunt you down. It's a lot of fun around here, but it is work!

    NOTE: APRIL 15, 2010 has COME AND GONE!
    Thanks to everyone who applied.

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