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Breakfast Topic: PC voices


I'll admit it. I rolled a female gnome warrior alt because I enjoyed the idea of a perky short gearhead chick kicking the ass of a big hulky green dude. But you know what's kept me coming back? The voice. Whenever I spam heroic strike and hear my gnome warrior insisting that she "needs more rage" I get a little bit giddy. It seriously is about the most adorable thing in game. She's just so enthusiastic about getting some rage and beating up bad guys and I want to hug her and why is everyone looking at me like that? She's just adorable, all right?

On the other hand, I'm a bit more ambivalent about my human death knight. I mean, the somewhat dashing, more than slightly dorky human voice was fine when I was dabbling with my bumbling human rogue who may or may not have been based primarily off of Xena's Autolycus in character, but when I'm playing my cold, emotionless, implacable bringer of death, It just sort of jars me when I try to nod coldly at my guild leader and instead give a big old dorky thumbs up with my other hand at my hip and yell "Sounds Fine!" I mean, come on, I'm a god of war here, not Ned Flanders.

Anyhow, I was sort of wondering if other people paid attention to what their characters say. Do you like how your character sounds? What's your favorite or least favorite PC line?

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