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Champions Online's State of the Game for April

Eliot Lefebvre

Six months out, Champions Online has taken some punches here and given a few as well, but the game continues to press forward. With the most recent changes to leadership, it's fitting that the game has dropped a new address on the current state of the game, covering everything from the recent mini-expansion to the upcoming power revisions and future changes. Considering that the test build of the recent power changes has stirred up a fair boil of controversy over on the test forums, more communication from the development team is probably a very good thing at the moment.

The next patch is apparently slated to contain not just the Supernatural and Melee adjustments, but also changes to offensive passive abilities and the recurrence of Blood Moon on the full moon. After that, the first major Adventure Pack is slated for sometime between late May and early June. Named the Serpent Lantern, the long string of missions will lead any hero level 11 or up on a quest into Africa to uncover the source of VIPER's power. The team seems to be hard at work bringing Champions Online up to being the best game it can be, which is good news for the fans.

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