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Samsung Galaxy S coming to AT&T?

Chris Ziegler

We'd already heard from Samsung itself at CTIA that we'd see the high-end Galaxy S complete with blindingly brilliant Super AMOLED display on American soil in 2010 -- and considering that Sammy doesn't play the unlocked, unbranded game in these parts, that means with certainty that it'll be coming to a carrier. Here's where it gets interesting: the Bluetooth SIG has recently certified a "full touch" device (read: no keyboard) from Samsung identified as the SGH-i897 with a 4-inch display and TouchWiz 3.0 -- in other words, a dead ringer for the unbranded Galaxy S that's identified as the i9000. Historically, Samsung models that start with SGH and end with a number 7 land at AT&T (it's a tradition that goes back years) so it stands to reason that this i897 is destined for the orange and blue. Is AT&T actually planning on getting serious about solid Android hardware this year?

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