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Sanyo's latest Xacti Sound Recorder turns FM into MP3, won't critique your AT 40 addiction

Tim Stevens

Sanyo's latest Xacti, the charmingly titled Sound Recorder ICR-XRS120MF, is about the nicest looking voice recorder we've ever seen. It features stereo microphones on top to turn any sound into MP3 or Linear PCM and offers a suite of recording modes that will comprehensively capture anything from the sweet nothings of a lover to the sour blathering of a corporate meeting. When in its docking station (shown after the break) it can also capture audio over line-in and even record AM/FM programs with a built-in scheduler, meaning you'll never miss Seacrest's latest charming witticism. Sanyo hasn't listed a price yet, but is expecting to ship these to Japan before the end of the month.

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