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5 new features we want to see in Windows 8 Media Center

Ben Drawbaugh

Windows 7 Media Center is done and as much as we love it and think it's the best DVR out there, we also think there is room for improvement. Life as a programmer never stops, as soon as you get one release out, it's time to start planning for the next. So we wanted to make sure we got our wants submitted before things got too far underway. Now we could've just listed the most obvious desires like new Extenders, Softsled, Blu-ray playback or things like that -- or even make up a bug list -- but we're going to try to go off the beaten path here a little. So in addition to our "still waiting" list from our review, here are 5 things we want -- that Microsoft may or may not have already thought of -- in no particular order.

  • Category view of Recorded TV, just like movies or the guide we want to view just comedy, etc.
  • Personalized Recorded TV queues for each member of the home -- high priority shows would always be at the top and internet TV shows and Netflix movies can go here too.
  • Unified search for internet, Netflix and Recorded TV and future TV.
  • A "DVR" mode that runs all the buffers all the time -- if we turn the TV on, we want all the buffers full.
  • HDMI-CEC -- it'd be great if Media Center could turn the TV on/off and adjust the volume of the receiver etc, via HDMI.

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