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Amazon offering Borderlands for $40, The Saboteur for $20

If you've got a handful of twenties just lying around, then first, congratulations for staying so moneyed during trying financial times. Second, Amazon's got a couple new deals you should look at -- the online retailer recently knocked the price of Borderlands down to $39.99, further reducing the game's gun-to-dollar ratio to a staggering 1 to $0.0002.

If you're on a somewhat tighter budget, you can grab Pandemic's open-world swan song The Saboteur for just $19.99. Sure, it didn't receive as much critical acclaim as Borderlands, but if you pronounce its title with a hard "a," it turns into The Sabo-Tour, a sports simulator following the life of bespectacled Cincinnati Reds legend Chris Sabo. That's well worth the $20, in our humble opinion.

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