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Dark Void Zero landing on iPhone and PC April 12 [update]


Above: the initial trailer for Dark Void Zero on DSiWare

The reception for Dark Void may have been lukewarm at best, but the "8-bit" spin-off/marketing endeavor, Dark Void Zero, was enjoyed by most who played it. Realizing that such an experience shouldn't be exclusive to one platform, Capcom has announced iPhone and PC users can download the game starting April 12. Pricing has not been announced yet, so we're following up with Capcom on that. [Update: Capcom has confirmed it'll cost $2.99 on iPhone and $5 on PC.]

And if you're holding out for Xbox Live and PSN, know that Capcom currently has no plans for those platforms. However, back during CES, a Capcom producer told Joystiq that they'd "love to do it."

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