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Griffin Technologies announces iPad power and desktop accessories


Today, Griffin Technologies announced a family of new products that are sure to make iPad owners happy.

For those of you who don't want to purchase the Apple Keyboard Dock or the "regular dock," Griffin has developed the A-Frame Tabletop Stand (US$49.99, see photo above). This is a folding aluminum stand with a soft silicone cradle in the bottom. The iPad sits contentedly in the cradle in either portrait or landscape orientation, and Griffin says that the dock connector is accessible regardless of how the iPad is oriented. When you're done, the A-Frame Tabletop Stand folds flat for easy travel. It's also possible to use the stand in the folded position to help support the iPad when it's on a table or other flat surface.

Griffin is well known for their PowerBlock and PowerJolt power adapters for iPhone and iPod touch, and now they've released the adapters in iPad-compatible versions. The PowerBlock ($29.99, below) is an AC adapter with folding blades and a green LED to denote when power is flowing to the iPad. It comes with a dock connector cable, and can be used for charging that iPhone or iPod touch you're still carrying around.

You may want to charge up the iPad when you're on the road, and Griffin's PowerJolt adapter ($24.99, below) fits the bill in a version that is rated for the iPad's higher amp requirement. A green ring glows when the PowerJolt is charging your device, and it is designed to auto-reset in a fault condition -- there's no fuse to replace.
Griffin will also be selling a combo kit called the PowerDuo for iPad, which includes both the PowerBlock and PowerJolt adapters, in the near future. The company also released several sleeves and cases today. The items are available nationwide at Apple Stores and at other selected retailers.

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