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HTC EVO 4G landing on Sprint mid-June, 4G hotspot to be a $10-20 add-on?

Chris Ziegler

We're getting some intel today that says that "a lot of upper management" inside Sprint has been discussing Sunday, June 13 as the mighty EVO 4G's date with destiny, just a smidge over two months from now. That certainly lines up with the company's stance of a Summer release -- and while our contact at Sprint says that the date hasn't been set in stone (how could it be this far in advance?), June 6 and June 13 are said to be the front runners at the moment, with the 13th getting more attention.

We're also hearing that 4G will be a $10-20 plan add-on, a price that would almost certainly include access to the EVO's 8-device WiFi hotspot capability. We're definitely buying that 4G won't be included with the base Simply Everything plans since we encountered an EVO at CTIA that hadn't had WiMAX access "enabled" on its account even though EV-DO worked just fine; the services are being treated separately. Verizon's recent announcement about free hotspot access on its Palms certainly puts some price pressure on Sprint here, but charging a premium specifically for 4G probably isn't an issue as long as they're clearly able to demonstrate its speed advantages in the markets that have it live.

Update: We've been written by several folks insisting that the add-on fee will be for the 4G hotspot service alone, not 4G access from the EVO itself. Let's hope. Thanks, everyone!

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