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iPad Wi-Fi issues continue to irritate


This morning, we spotted this write-up on Apple 2.0 about dealing with iPad Wi-Fi issues. Since this is the iPad's number one usability issue -- poor Wi-Fi throughput and lost connections -- users are on the prowl for solutions, even ones that may sound a little offbeat. In this case, one correspondent who was experiencing the specific issue of "no connection when waking from sleep" found that his woes became bygones with a quick tweak: he turned his display brightness back up, after having lowered it earlier. It sounds a bit like Cargo Cult troubleshooting, but with a new device and a new set of quirks and workarounds to experiment with, some strange remedies might just turn out to be valid. (For years, I used the freezer and firm thwack hard drive recovery methods to great effect, regardless of the strange stares and annoyed memos from the kitchen staff.)

Apple has posted a number of Wi-Fi support links over at its discussion board. According to the company, reconnection issues may occur when working with dual-band routers that use similar network names and different security settings for each network band. Low and intermittent signals may be due to distance from a Wi-Fi hotspot or multiple WEP keys, and the standing recommendation is to try repositioning the router, the iPad or both.

If you've tried these fixes, or other Wi-Fi workarounds, let us know below.

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