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Join us tomorrow for the iPhone 4.0 Metaliveblog


Tomorrow, Apple will be hosting an invitation-only media event to introduce the iPhone 4.0 roadmap. Please join us as we blog-the-blogs to create a one-of-a-kind TUAW take on the keynote. As always, we'll be bringing our Apple love and our best cut-copy-and-paste skills to the table for a fun and frivolous event. (We might even have a few exclusive tidbits from inside the event... time will tell.)

Will Apple be introducing multitasking and iPhone exposé? Or other items on our reader wishlist? One way to find out. Join us and see what Apple has on offer for the next generation of iPhone and iPad firmware -- and maybe some hardware announcements as well.

What: Apple 4.0 iPhone OS Event
Where: Here At TUAW!
When: 10 AM Pacific Time, but come a little early so we can chat as things get started

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