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Monster Hunter sneaks into Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker


Kojima Productions recently held a press conference in Japan to celebrate the completion of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, which is set to shed its cardboard box cover for a very visible spot on Japanese store shelves come April 29. During the event, it was revealed that there would be Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G content in the Konami-published game. The collaboration should ensure that every Japanese citizen will now buy Peace Walker, regardless of whether they own a PSP (that's just how it works). 1UP confirms the content will also be in the US version of the game.

Monster Hunter's Felynes -- little cat-like things that act as support in Capcom's title -- will have a presence in Peace Walker. On top of that, some of the rations in Hideo Kojima's latest sneak-'em-up will appear as "well-cooked rations," a play on Monster Hunter's well-cooked meat. Also: Snake will hunt monsters, so ... yeah. Kojima justified the crazy crossover by playing the Jurassic Park card -- specifically, that Peace Walker takes place in Costa Rica. "I figured it'd be the perfect opportunity," he told Japanese mag Famitsu.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will be out in Europe and North America on May 28 and June 8, respectively. To check out some footage from the Monster Hunter unveiling, pay a visit to the Kojima Productions website.

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