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Nintendo teams with Google for glorified 'Google Fight' gameplay for Wii


A 'Google Fight,' in case you're unfamiliar, is pitting one keyword against another on Google and seeing which one gets more hits. It's a favorite pastime around the Engadget HQ, where it's often used to keep intern ego in check, when we point out their inferior PageRank. Apparently it's a bit of trend at Nintendo as well (or maybe Nintendo just likes money), because they've teamed up with Google to release a game for the Wii in Japan called Ando Kensaku comprised of just such a mechanism. Players compete by guessing the most popular search term, an action we hope is somehow augmented by a dramatic Wiimote flourish. Unfortunately, with a name like Ando Kensaku and no specific plans mentioned, we're not sure if we should even hope for a US release. Oh well, we'll always have the interns.

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