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The Classifieds: The superheroes of ICC


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Sure, tough guy ... You're progressing just fine through Icecrown Citadel -- but do you look like a superhero in the process? The forum design for <Skeleton Crew> (US Uldum-H) makes reading about kills almost as fun as being there. Tipster Bella gives credit for the concept to <Agony> on US Ysera from the Sunwell era. Color us impressed! (Oh, and it appears that <Skeleton Crew> is recruiting right now, too. If you're looking for a mature group with a sense of style that's pushing well into heroic ICC, follow the link above and check them out.)

This week's uber collection of Random Acts of Uberness, plus guilds looking for members and members looking for guilds, and more from the WoW community, after the break.

Random Acts of Uberness

Anonymous tank, US Emberstorm battlegroup I queued up for Gundrak today, and we did the first couple of pulls and downed the boss no problem. I was relieved to see that the group might make it, but in the middle of a trash pull after the first boss, the tank dropped group without a word, leaving the rest of us to clean up the mess. We tried doing the next boss ourselves with a ret pally tanking while we waited for a new tank, but it didn't work out. Then the hunter says to us, "Don't drop group, I want to try something." He logs and gets reinvited on his DK with 56K health. He said, "That queue's too long to wait 40 minutes for another tank; I'll run you through." He pulled everything. I got so much XP and it went so fast. I was incredibly grateful. I'm sorry I can't remember your name, but thanks again so much! I only hope I can pay the favor forward sometime. -- Themba, <Nevermore>, US Wyrmrest Accord-H

Jordanian, US Dark Iron-A I was running a random Ramps group and healing my way through it. All was smooth and we beat Omor the Unscarred. The caster neckpiece dropped and, as a healer, I naturally rolled need. However, the ret pally in the group also rolled need. Then, after a bit of a delay, a feral druid in the group also rolled need. The feral druid won and I was a bit annoyed, even if I said nothing. However, the druid (Jordanian of Dark Iron) traded the necklace to me right away. He said that he watched the ret pally roll and thought it was weak, so he rolled need as well to double my chances. Thanks, Jordanian for that small act of uberness. -- Catatumba, US Emerald Dream-A

Aringor, US Terenas Aringor used to be Nivar from Shadow Council. Running heroics with three other guildies, we pugged in Nivar. He played smart DPS. After our first dungeon together, we asked him to stay because he was good fun. Next was Pit of Saron. Our heals and tank were barely geared for it. After three wipes on the final boss, Nivar willingly came back for number four. When we beat the boss on that run, it was euphoric. Afterwards, Nivar screenshotted our names, soon had an alt on our server, then paid for a server change to run with us often. That's uber. -- Anonymous

<Dark Horizon>, US Eonar-A So, I took a two-month break from WoW, and when I log back on, I'm still in my old guild. They said they don't need me, and I'm undergeared for their progression, so I left. Then, I saw an advertisement for <Dark Horizon>, and I joined! It's a small yet very cool 10-man guild. They accepted me even though I wasn't in decent gear (about a 2,750 GearScore), and they're helping me out! Thanks guys, and cheers to more raiding! -- Levelten, <Dark Horizon>, US Eonar-A

Phosella, US Eonar-A Phosella, a DK tank (admittedly, in my guild), was running me through PoS to try and get a few pieces of gear. We got to Garfrost, and due to a sudden lag spike for the healer, four of us died. Phosella was still alive, however. I've run with her before, and I knew that she was good but had already written it off as a wipe at 30%. I then proceeded to lay there on the ground, with my release timer counting down, watching Pho tank and DPS Garfrost while healing herself. She only dropped below 50% health once (and only below 75% twice, total), didn't switch into blood presence until the last 5% or so of the fight, and laid Garfrost out flat. The entire party was stunned at what had happened. The healer dropped group after saying they felt unneeded, and it was the first time I didn't mind a corpse run into a heroic. I wanted to let everyone else on the Vindication battlegroup know that if you ever end up in a random with Phosella, know that you're in good hands. -- Anonymous, <Semper Fii>, US Eonar-A

Heroic Drak'Tharon Keep group, Stormstrike-H battlegroup Yesterday I dinged 80 on my DK and decided to start running heroics this morning. We ported into H:DTK, at which point a hunter (I won't say his name, because maybe he was just having a bad day) immediately started saying (at least 5 times), "Kick Ajali, his gear sucks." I was waiting for the inevitable vote-kick (after all, these guys were all well-geared and probably wanted to blow through the place). Instead, the other three party members started mocking and insulting the hunter.

  • [Hunter], in your expert opinion, should I try tackling Heroic Gundrak before or after I get LK down?
  • If we had better gear, the bosses would just surrender and give us our frost badges.
  • (On every pull from Dred to Tharon'ja) yells: [Sanctified Lightsworn Handguard] [Broken Ram Skull Helm] Cower before my T10, fiend!
  • (After linking Tharon'ja Recount): Hey hunter, it appears that Ajali did 40 more DPS than you... Confirm/Deny?

Anyway, it made me happy to see such fun people who are willing to stand up to the elitist attitude exhibited by some. Hopefully this will inspire some other geared people to be more tolerant of new 80s. I know when I'm in that position myself, I will. -- Ajali, US Thrall-H

Peacepipe, US Grizzly Hills-A After having to help tank a random when the original tank bailed, I respecced my warrior as a tank, bought a green shield off the AH and queued up for a random. I got BFD -- my fist time in there and first time really trying to tank. You led us around with a friendly word and healed like a pro. You were helpful and helped me feel like I really could get the hang of this tanking thing. You were even gracious when the rogue ninja'd a healing belt off the last boss. Thanks for healing my first dungeon as a tank -- hope to run into you in randoms again! -- The nub warrior tank on Ghostlands

Sisay, US Wildhammer-A, and Seriko, US Moonrunner-A Quick shout-out to Sisay of Wildhammer and Seriko of Moonrunner. I never thought I could have so much fun on my druid in Warsong Gulch, but the both of you allowing me to carry the flag the way you did let me get my Ironman. That totally made my day. Thank you guys so much, and best of luck. :D -- Phoibos, US Baelgun-A

Keno, Jakesullye, Morkidar, Ransac, <Cheers>, US Arathor-A Three Cheers to Keno, Jakesullye, Morkidar and Ransac of the guild <Cheers> from US Arathor-A. I had just hit 80 on my resto shaman 10 minutes before I queued, expecting to get rejected because of my blues and greens. Instead I was immediately matched with these guys in heroic Nexus -- and I'm so happy. Keno took time to check my mana between pulls, they were encouraging and made this resto shaman feel capable. Thanks guys. I was fully expecting a horrible group, and you guys were amazing. -- Atsila, US Spirestone-A

News: Around the WoW community

Springtime kites Don't try to type out this next guy's name, or you may feel as if the hit-and-run shown above had happened to you. Øçëäñ of US Silvermoon-A sent us this screenshot after a spot of kiting, having worked Thrym all the way down to K3. Although we did initially wonder how long something like that took, we have to admit being even more fascinated by the prospect of how long it takes Øçëäñ to spell his own name ...

A noble achievement Missbank the Noble of US Madoran-H found herself unable to send her armory link to The Classifieds along with news of her Noblegarden title. You see, she's too young to have an armory link -- poor Missbank is only level 1. "I have always been a grand fan of tricking out my bank," she writes. "I've got heirloom gear, holiday gear, with holiday pets, all of it matching (as seen in the pictures) and I've gone to an extreme. I saw an oppurtunity for my level 1 bank toon to get a title. I did it for purposes of trading. I find that people respect players in guilds and who have titles a little more than titleless and guildless people. On a bank toon, it's nearly impossible.

"As it stands, I started early Sunday morning (as soon as the eggs were hidden) and grinded and grinded, until I got everything but for the high-level zone-running. With the help of my ambitious and awesome friend, Ambassador Acosta of Madoran, and the help of her Black War Mammoth, we braved the deserts and the dangers of the crater. I died countless time, being ripped apart by it seemed the whole map at times. She was a constant help all the way through."

Gallery: Little Miss Noble | 2 Photos

Employment: Guild recruiting

Thanks to reader Priestess for a cute idea for titles for guilds looking for members and members looking for guilds. Based on reader feedback, we're going to try to see if we can't fit both features in.

  • Looking for everything <Our World Now> (US Proudmoore-H) server is looking for all levels of members, from casual ICC raiders to low-level new players. Raids Sun. 2:35 p.m. server.
  • More looking for everything <Sword of Azeroth> (US Undermine-A) is seeking ICC-25 healers and DPS, as well as mature non-raiders level 20+ for a casual, fun atmosphere. Raids Mon./Tues./Wed. 9 p.m.-midnight EST/server. Priority: enhancement or elemental shaman, hunter, rogue, shadow priest, holy priest, resto druid, resto shaman; all classes considered.
  • Fill the holes <Random Axe of Kindness> (US Gorefiend-A) is seeking to fill holes in two separate ICC groups. "We believe in the member (not the gear and not what they have done before); if you are a working professional and raiding 4 hrs a night and 5 days a week have driven you away, and you are tired of pug after pug, then we may be the guild for you." Raids two hours three nights a week. Priority: cloth DPS, off tank.
  • Tight-knit 10-man guild <Infinite Order> (US Draenor-A) is looking for mature players for its small team. Raids Tues./Wed. 5-9 p.m. server. Applicants must be ready for ICC. High priority: warlock, elemental shaman, fury warrior, rogue; all classes welcome.
  • Late-night 10-man <Roshambo> (US Dragonblight-H) seeks late-night progression raiders. Raids Tues./Wed./Thurs. 10:30 p.m.-1 a.m. PST. Priority: DK or warrior tank, a paladin or priest healer, elemental shaman, boomchicken.
  • Those last two slots <Serious BiSness> (US Black Dragonflight-H) This new group server transferred to try to build a strong 10-man raiding group, but the last two slots seem to elude them. Currently 10/12 in ICC-10, aiming for hard modes. Priority: healing priest, 'lock or moonkin.
  • Friendly, mature raiding <Knights of Tranquility> (US The Scryers-A) seeks ICC-25 raiders. Most members are over age 30 with families and jobs and enjoy new content and challenges in a sociable atmosphere with quality gameplay. 8/12 in ICC-25. Raids Mon./Wed./Thurs. 7:30-10:30 p.m. PST. Priority: holy paladin, holy priest, mage.
  • ICC-25 raiders <Blood and Glory> (US Gilneas-A) is filling a few ICC-25 holes. "We want quality over quantity so that we can make the best progress in the time that we have." Raids Wed./Thurs. 8-11 p.m., third night for older instances. Priority: shadow priest, enhancement shaman, elemental shaman, DPS warrior, DPS DK, DK or druid tanks.
  • Hard-mode ICC <The New Expedition> (EU Defias Brotherhood-A) is hungry for motivated hard-mode raiders. Raids Sun./Mon./Wed. 20:30-midnight server; 10-mans on Thurs./Sat./Tues. Priority: healers ("especially welcomed with Christmas cookies, although the spices I stockpiled are a little out of date now ..."); no tanks, retadins or fury warriors.
  • Christian fellowship <The Fish and Bread Trick> (US Ghostlands-H) is seeking more Christian, family-friendly raiders to build from ICC-10 and begin ICC-25. "We are a Christian guild, not the Spanish Inquisition at all, and we accept all players of backgrounds and creeds -- we take everyone who wants to play well, professionally, with a relaxed mindset and a desire to keep the environment family-friendly." Raids Tues./Thurs. 7 p.m. server. Priority: dedicated non-bear tanks, priests, holy paladin, restoration shaman, mage, moonkin, shadow priest, DPS warriors, enhancement shaman, druid kitty.

Personals: Looking for guilds

Is your lonely character LFG? Send us a link to your armory page, along with a sentence or two on what you're looking for and what makes you special.

Learning a new class with new friends Recently, I rolled a dwarf pally that I plan on learning to tank with. Currently he is a level 16 and I plan on starting his instance career very soon. I am looking for a fun, casual, adult leveling guild. I am a bit of an altaholic and have a couple high-level characters. The guild they are in is a raiding guild and not much for leveling, so I would like to get in to a different one for my tankadin. I am really looking forward to learning my new class and making some new friends. --
Ornhelm, US Shu'halo-A

Retro raiding A good friend of mine got me into WoW exactly a year ago. With her help and a few new WoW buddies, I leveled up my little night elf hunter fast ... way too fast. Too fast to stop and smell the roses. Too fast to explore the dungeons ... And too late to enjoy the classic raids from both the vanilla and Burning Crusade content. Now I'm sitting in Dalaran bored out of my mind, waiting for the next lame guild run at Icecrown, with its depressing dark shades, or the next faceroll PuG for the crappy ToC raid. I always wanted to do a proper raid thru Molten Core, Black Temple, AQ40 or Serpentshrine Cavern ... But it seems that many people in my server are worried about getting those frost emblems and the weekly done. Is there anyone out there that wants to join me and get something started to run old-school stuff for the hell of it? -- Chavelo, US Blade's Edge-A

We need your submissions and news! The Classifieds brings you weekly updates on player and community news, help finding the right guild, who's making waves in the WoW community and more. Email your news and Random Acts of Uberness to

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