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Verizon's HTC Incredible coming April 25? (update: 29th in Best Buys?)

Chris Ziegler

So there's a rather interesting thread going down over in Phandroid's forums that suggests we'll finally see a launch of the hotly-anticipated HTC Incredible for Verizon later this month -- the 25th, to be exact. That makes sense and we can totally believe it -- particularly considering that it's a Sunday, Verizon's traditional launch day -- and it's further corroborated by a corporate email sent around to Verizon employees today implying that "new devices [are] launching really soon." There's a lot of interpretation you could do here; we don't know what "Code Name: 6" on the rocket-propelled cardboard box means, for example, but it's pretty safe to argue that the Incredible will factor prominently into this campaign. About time, right?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Update: There's a new slide from Best Buy Mobile up on Android and Me alleging a 29th release date for the Incredible, so we can imagine two scenarios here: either it's coming the 29th everywhere, or Verizon will have it on the 25th and Best Buy on the 29th. We're also seeing a 25th date for the LG Cosmos (and the 5600PP, whatever the heck that is) and a 22nd date for the Samsung Reality -- both presumably Best Buy Mobile dates, not Verizon direct. Exciting times, indeed! Thanks, Drew!

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