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XBLA's Hasbro Family Game Night adding Pictureka!, Connect 4x4 and Jenga


EA's Hasbro Family Game Night collection on XBLA will receive three new titles this summer: Pictureka!, Connect 4x4 and Jenga.

It's relatively easy to imagine how the Xbox 360 interpretations will work with Pictureka! and Connect 4x4. Pictureka! is a hide-and-seek visual game, whereas Connect 4x4 is a twist on the classic title, which supports more players and includes a "super squares" mode with power-ups on the board. As for Jenga -- and its real-world repercussion of creating a mess once your block tower topples -- EA might just capture some of that Boom Blox magic in HD. Although, we still posit that playing Jenga on a computer screen is about as suspect as clothed Twister.

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