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BBC bringing Doctor Who: The Adventure Games to PC, Mac


The interesting thing about BBC's announcement of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games -- instead of it sounding like farmed-out licensed schlock -- is there appears to be some actual creative weight behind it. Beginning in June 2010, four original "interactive episodes" will release for free on the BBC Doctor Who website. The episodes feature the current cast, and are executive produced by new show-runner Steven Moffat and Broken Sword designer Charles Cecil, with story and script by Doctor Who and Torchwood alumni. It's being developed by Sumo Digital.

Piers Wender, head of drama for BBC Wales and executive producer for Doctor Who says, "There aren't 13 episodes of Doctor Who this year, there are 17 - four of which are interactive."

The BBC had previously stated it was looking into multiple "experiences" for Doctor Who games. Depending on the quality of the final product, this certainly opens up new trans-media opportunities for network television beyond Flash games and webisodes. And yes, we still wish Telltale Games were involved.

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