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BlackBerry 9650 spotted in the wild again, 'Bold' branding confirmed

Chris Ziegler

The Tour branding never made a lot of sense -- RIM's most recently-released high-end portrait QWERTY device for CDMA networks occupies the same market position as the Bold over on GSM networks, so the name difference is kind of arbitrary and more than just a little bit confusing. It's all good, though, because CrackBerry has confirmation here that the Tour's replacement -- the 9650 -- is going to be wearing a Bold badge loud and proud around back by the 3.2 megapixel camera. It's not clear exactly when Sprint and Verizon are going to launch this sucker, but it's patently obvious that they both will -- it's just a matter of time -- so you may as well start prepping your eulogy for that infernal trackball now.

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