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Final Fight: Double Impact press kit is the mayor of all press kits [update]


To remind press about the upcoming release of Final Fight: Double Impact, and to fill all but a few lucky people with painful jealousy, Capcom is sending out these delightful press kits, inside (what else) a breakaway barrel.

Packed within that powerup distribution vessel is an arcade token with images from both Final Fight and Magic Sword, a copy of the soundtrack on cassette(!), "Ninja vs. Bear" and "Haggar for Mayor" badges, a reversible t-shirt with one of the two games on each side, and a can of pink hair color spray, in honor of Final Fight's Poison.

Non-press members will have an opportunity to get one of these from Capcom's online store, but you'll have to be vigilant! In the meantime, see the press kit unbarreled after the break, thanks to Ars Technica.

Update: new images at Capcom-Unity (and above).

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