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First look: Memeo Connect Reader for iPad


If you're a big fan of Google Docs and the iPad, then you're going to love the free Memeo Connect Reader for iPad.

While the app doesn't allow you to edit your documents, it works well as an online and offline reader for many file formats, including Microsoft Office, Apple iWorks, PDF files, images, and movies. Documents that are updated online by collaborators are instantly synced back to Memeo Connect Reader, so you'll always have access to the latest version.

As you can see in the video, the app has a nice, simple interface. Documents that have been created and saved in Google Docs or that have been created elsewhere and uploaded to Google Docs are automatically parsed into a group of folders. There's one for Documents, another for Presentations, one more for Spreadsheets, and so on. Tapping a folder displays an animated folder with a list of new or older documents, listed in reverse chronological order. To open an view a document, you simply tap on it.

Memeo Connect Reader for iPad looks like a big ol' bucket of win for anyone with an iPad who needs access to their Google Docs.

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