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Hiton HT-960 tablet rocks HP Slate's specs, $100 cheaper price

Tim Stevens

Right now HP's Slate is looking like it'll possess a 1.6GHz Atom processor, 1GB of RAM, and an 8.9-inch 1024 x 600 touchscreen, all for somewhere between $549 and $599. What we have here is another tablet offering almost identical netbook-like specs (though with only 16GB of SSD storage compared to HP's 32+) at a price of just $418. That's quite a savings if you can get over the rather chunkier styling -- and the unfortunate Windows XP install. You can even get 3G wireless for an extra $80 if you're so inclined, and according to the site it's available to ship right this very moment. But, after the recent issues with another no-name tablet, we'd think twice before dropping our credit card on this particular order form.

[Thanks, Dan]

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