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'Jam with the Band' headed to Europe after 5-year wait; other Nintendo releases dated


[Daigasso! Band Brothers & Daigasso! Band Brothers DX]
Nintendo of Europe released its summer lineup today, featuring dates we mostly know -- Super Mario Galaxy 2 on June 11 -- or aren't terribly concerned with -- Repetto Presents Ballerina in May. Metroid: Other M is still undated, having been slated for Q3, and therefore out of the bounds of the new listing.

However, there are a few welcome surprises, most notably: Jam with the Band. Originally released way back in 2004 as Daigasso! Band Bros., this rhythm game disappeared from Nintendo's launch lineup elsewhere, never making it to the West until now. We don't know why Nintendo decided to revive it now -- or if it's the first game or the sequel (both covers pictured above) -- but it's scheduled for release in Europe on May 21! Samurai Warriors 3 for Wii has been dated for May 28, as well.

Nintendo has also dated Capcom's Mega Man Zero Collection for June. The release date for this DS compilation of GBA Mega Man games had been up in the air following the announcement of its delay in Japan. Also, a previously unannounced DS title from Hudson, Shooting Watch, is set for release in May. We assume this is based on Hudson's Shooting Watch toy, which measures the number of button presses you can achieve in 10 seconds.

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