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Left Behind Games expands Walmart distribution to 'broad area of states'


In an SEC filing of a letter to investors yesterday, Left Behind Games (the publisher of, um, Left Behind games) detailed plans to expand its Walmart distribution model from an initial 100-store testing ground in Texas to the somewhat amorphous "limited number of Walmart stores covering a broad area of states." CEO Troy Lyndon added, "The original test proved that when Christians are aware of the existence of Left Behind Games, they will respond and purchase them."

In a follow-up conversation, Lyndon told Joystiq that the company's games are no longer available in the original 100 stores, and that the new initiative actually puts LBG's games in fewer stores than before (though this time across multiple states). It's Lyndon's belief, however, that a repackaging of the publisher's games -- all 3 Charlie Church Mouse games in a single $20-priced box and the Left Behind titles released with updates applied -- combined with reaching new markets, "will provide us with ongoing market insight and a chance to enhance sales."

Lyndon also told us that the test in Texas was "a huge success; we performed at about the top 10-percent level last Christmas." Oddly, in neither the letter to investors nor in his conversation with us did Lyndon mention his company's upcoming expansion into console game publishing, Bible Adventures. It's like it just got ... left behind.

Update: Left Behind Games CEO Troy Lyndon has told us "Bible Adventures (Charlie Church Mouse 3D) is still on schedule for a 2011 Wii release," so there you have it!

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