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MGS Peace Walker PSP 'Big Boss Bundle' is a GameStop exclusive


A listing on GameStop's website reveals a second Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker hardware bundle for North America. In addition to the previously-announced set containing the "spirited green" PSP, GameStop is also exclusively offering the "Big Boss Bundle," which, for $200, includes the game and the camouflage PSP-3000 found in the Japanese bundle; in addition to a 4GB memory stick and a carrying case (neither of which is included in the standard bundle, which is also $200). Both hardware bundles also include a free digital copy of imminent disaster flick 2012 ... for some reason.

So, the Big Boss Bundle is more stuff for the same price. You'd have to really hate camo to opt for the other Peace Walker bundle. Both are scheduled for release on June 8.

[Thanks MLC!]

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