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Revived EGM's first issue has Street Fighter covered


It ended with Ryu and Ken, and now it's starting anew with the same pair of World Warriors. The two covers of the first issue of the new EGM relaunch have been revealed. Each variant depicts either Ryu or Ken as seen in the upcoming Super Street Fighter IV. (The last, unpublished issue of Ziff Davis's EGM featured Street Fighter IV on the cover, as well.) Perhaps it's a coincidence, due to the timing of the release of Super Street Fighter IV later this month, but the new covers could certainly be a nod to the magazine's former incarnation. Of course, it's not like Street Fighter covers are unusual for EGM.

In addition to those historically relevant images of Ryu and Ken, the covers reveal the contents of the issue, including a large feature about the history and future of fighting games, an in-depth examination of Super Street Fighter IV and a discussion of new retro-style games.

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