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Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter confirmed for XBLA, up for pre-order on Steam


While the title has been on the radar since November, Majesco has now confirmed that Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter is headed to Xbox Live Arcade in addition to the PC. Previously relegated to the more nebulous "home console," the HD remake is officially coming to XBLA with some new features in toe. There is no release date mentioned, though the Steam version is currently listed for April 28. The game includes a new deathmatch mode along with co-op, capture the flag and survival modes. It also includes lots and lots of enemies.

For those interested in the PC version, Steam is currently offering pre-purchases on the game for $17.99, two bucks off the normal $19.99 price. Pre-orders will also get an extra multiplayer and co-op character: Ugh-zan, the boss of The First Encounter. Check out a new trailer after the break.

[Via Big Download]

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