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Splinter Cell: Conviction CE drops $10 in price due to faulty USB drives


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Did you order the collector's edition of Splinter Cell: Conviction yet? A Ubisoft representative informed us late tonight that the official price of the CE will be dropping $10, from $79.99 to $69.99. The reasoning behind the price drop is the possibility of faulty USB drives, included with the package. The publisher recently noticed that some of the USB drives didn't work, and is offering a compensatory price drop before the game's official release on April 13th.

None of the other content included in the CE has been affected, such as the comic book, art book, and bonus DLC. However, the bonus content included on the USB drive may be inaccessible in some copies. The bonuses, which include art and a behind the scenes video, will be distributed in a new manner, to be announced on the Ubisoft site after the game's launch. The Ubisoft representative wanted to emphasize that the game is not affected in any way. Good thing, too -- we don't think we could handle yet another delay.

Considering most retailers do not require full payment of pre-orders, the new price should go into effect when you pick up your copy. Make sure you contact your retailer before the game's launch if your final price doesn't reflect this $10 discount.

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