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High Voltage: It's just 'Conduit 2' now


In a Nintendo Life interview, producer Jason Olson clears up something regarding the title of the sequel to last year's The Conduit: it's less definite now. "It's Conduit 2. The 'THE' got a bit clunky – too much of a mouthful – and we always referred to it as Conduit 2 internally. It flows better and just kinda stuck." Of course: now that there are two of them, each is just a Conduit.

Olson also offered some details about the revamped multiplayer. Perks will now be available, which will allow players to customize their characters significantly. "If I wanted to be a medic, for example, I'd probably pick Reverse Damage (Shooting allies heals them), Field Medicine (Doubles revive times), and Robot Legs (Unlimited sprint) among my perks. If I wanted to be a tank, I'd pick Heavy Armor (Damage reduction at a cost to movement speed), Ammo Belt (Two extra magazines), and Improved Bullet Damage." And you'll be able to set up two sets of abilities, so you can switch quickly.

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