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Breakfast Topic: My life is a mess


While I am perfect in most every way, there is one notable area where I am lacking -- organization.

My desk at work has stacks of old reports, many from months ago. There are tons of Post-it notes all around with phone numbers and addresses; to whom they belong, I have no clue. But if it wasn't important, I wouldn't have written it down. The notes stay. (Especially the ones with scribbles of dinosaurs.)

My Warcraft life is no different. I was doing yet another run through of Hellfire Ramparts yesterday on my shaman alt, and I struggled to find a place to put Gargolmar's Hand in my bag. And Omor's Hoof. And ... oh god, there's a third item for this quest, too? What the heck am I going to throw out?

Somehow, the fact that I still had Ice Cold Milk in my bag eluded me for the last 40 levels or so. And Umi's Mechanical Yeti? I don't hate myself enough to spend an hour flying around Kalimdor to actually finish that quest. Six slots are full of Argent Dawn memorabilia. There are probably even a couple of grays in here, but I'll be damned if I can find them when it's time to vendor.

I tried solving the problem by creating a bank alt, but if you couldn't guess, the bank alt's bags quickly became a mess.

Are you a hoarder too? Is there something in your bags that's hopelessly out of date, and yet you can't bring yourself to get rid of it? And good god, man, what am I going to do with these seven stacks of Peacebloom?

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