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iPhone 4.0 beta walkthrough video in English

David Winograd

A few days ago we posted a Polish language video walkthrough of some of the features in the iPhone OS 4.0 initial beta. Since then, Michael Sherlock put together an English language video of a number of the features present in the new beta.

This video includes brief demos of:
  • Spell Check
  • Changing the Background image.
  • New features in the
  • Making and populating Folders
  • The Unified Mail Inbox
  • The new Mail threading feature
  • and the new Game Center.
This video, though light on depth, will give you an idea on how these features work in practice.

I know one feature that I would like to see has not yet been addressed: the ability to rename Bluetooth devices. I use three Griffin BlueTrip Bluetooth receivers at home and when looking at the Bluetooth devices in the current version of the iPhone OS, all three come up with the same name and can't be changed. I'd like the ability to rename Bluetooth devices so I can get a handle on which BlueTrip is which. It's a minor point, but one that would make life quite a bit easier for me. I'm sure that this feature getting into OS 4.0 is about as likely as my winning the lottery, but if anyone from Apple is reading this...

What features did you see that were left out of OS 4.0 and would mean the world to you?

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