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Japanese hardware sales, March 29 - April 4: Against the Grain edition

Today's edition of the Japanese hardware sales post is dedicated to those heroes who defy social norms in order to stand up against their shadowy oppressors. For instance, the two Norwegian gentlemen who fended off the all-seeing eye of Google Maps. Armed with fishing spears and nautical regalia, the two chased the cartographic vehicle from their neighborhood, as if to say "no more, Google Maps. This far -- no farther." Though we may never know these heroes' names, we can acknowledge their sacrifice all the same.

Following in the flippersteps of these triumphant rebels is the PlayStation 2, which brought the homogeneous up-and-down arrow cycles we've seen during the past two weeks to a grinding halt. In a week where all other gaming platforms followed rank and deferred to the command of unseen market forces, the PS2 took the road less traveled, and is 18 units better for it. Keep blazing that trail, little friend.

- PS3: 38,877 11,571 (22.94%)
- PSP: 37,445 9,004 (19.38%)
- Wii: 30,938 5,911 (16.04%)
- DSi LL: 21,583 1,605 (6.92%)
- DSi: 15,526 1,850 (10.65%)
- DS Lite: 4,110 885 (17.72%)
- Xbox 360: 2,676 326 (10.86%)
- PSP Go: 1,803 71 (3.79%)
- PS2: 1,803 18 (1.01%)

[Source: Media Create]

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