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Former Ensemble staffer talks about cancelled Halo MMO

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Here's a blast from the past for you: Halo MMO. The project from Ensemble studios -- codenamed Titan -- left a lot of disappointed fans when Ensemble closed and development was canceled.

We've not heard much from that area for several months, but IncGamers got a chance today to speak to Dusty Monk for some new information on the now-defunct MMO. Dusty -- now the founder of Windstorm Studios -- was a staffer for Ensemble and pretty heavily focused on the Halo project. He's got some interesting things to say about what could have been: "We had all this incredible talent, we had the right people, the right passion, we had a phenomenally successful IP - the Halo IP."

If you're a Halo fan thinking wistfully about what could have been, you'll definitely want to check out what else he had to say in this interview with IncGamers.

[Thanks to Belinda for the tip!]

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