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Microsoft Kin Studio saves all your phone content to the web (update: video!)

Nilay Patel

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There's no denying that Microsoft's new Kin phones are a next-gen riff on the Sidekick, and just like the Sidekick, everything that happens on the phone will be backed up to a Microsoft service, called Kin Studio. Text messages, photos, videos, music, other content -- it's all instantly synced to the Studio, which is obviously accessible from any browser. Of course, it's sort of funny for Microsoft to be saying that it'll back up all your data for you, since it just had a major Sidekick data loss incident, but hey -- the kids don't know that, right? They're off skateboarding, or hanging out watching fat people eat burritos*, or whatever they do.

Update: Video for the "upload generation" now available to stream after the break. Think you can handle that?

*Actual line from teen testimonial video shown during Microsoft event. We are not kidding.

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