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One Shots: Your skill has increased by 1

For all of the people who clamor that there isn't nearly enough realism in MMOs, we'd like to dedicate today's One Shots to you. Even if this is purely a tale, there are certain aspects of life that we'd prefer being able to skip in our MMOs. With that said, today we have a funny report in from the lands of Ryzom, sent in by Steven K. who loves nothing more than to show us some of the more umm... diverse... aspects of this world.

"Buy a Mektoub, see the world!! You've heard the sales pitch. I know I have. And I grew tired of having to traipse all around the Witherings on foot, especially in these poor excuses for boots."

"So I spent nearly every last dapper I had on this beast. Seems ol' Vao Pa-Sang conveniently left out a few important details of ownership. For starters, these behemoths eat more than a starved Gingo, and unlike Gingos, they drop dead in a hurry if you don't keep 'em fed. Of course, the end result (pardon the play on words), is that I get to spend about every 500 meters cleaning up...if you know what I mean

We love to see funny moments in your MMO gaming. All you have to do to share them is to email them to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name, the name of the game, and a brief description. Please make sure they are at least 1024px wide, and have little to no visible UI elements. It might just be the next one we showcase here on Massively!

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