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The Daily Grind: How bad is your altitis?


It's taboo in sixteen developed countries. Mothers shriek in horror when they hear that their children suffer from it. Friendships are strained to the breaking point when it is revealed. More than $116 billion was spent on therapy fees in 2009 alone to combat it. It has been prophesied to be the leading cause of the end of the world in 2012.

Of which do I speak? The MMO condition that must not be named: Altitis.

Whoops, guess I named it.

To the brave altoholics out there willing to acknowledge this debilitating syndrome, tell us: how bad is your altitis? Have you maxed out every character slot on your server? On all of the servers? On all of the servers of every game that you have ever played or will play? Do you delete old characters weekly to roll new ones? Just how far do the depths of your alt depravity go?

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