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Turbine introduces the Dungeons and Dragons Online Offer Wall

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

One of the things mentioned on the live-from-PAX episode of Massively Speaking was Massively's meeting with Fernando Paiz and his information on what's in store for Dungeons and Dragons Online. Amidst the excitement over zombie-pirates and airships was brief mention of a new way to get Turbine Points. We didn't have many details at the time, but the new method has arrived in the form of the DDO Offer Wall.

The Offer Wall was launched earlier today, and it's reminiscent of established earn-points-through-offers programs such as MyPoints. Players will sign up for offers from a third party partnered with Turbine and earn a wide range of points, depending on the offer. (The current range of offer rewards ranges from 15 Turbine Points to just over 2,600.)

Adding this type of program to an MMO is a risky proposition for any studio, and Turbine seems to have attempted to address as many questions and concerns as possible ahead of time. Turbine particularly stresses the point that this is not intended to replace any other method of acquiring Turbine Points -- you can still purchase them through the DDO Store and earn them in game. Check out the FAQ, and then head over to take a look at the first round of offers.

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