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Breakfast Topic: Living it up while you can


I've been spending a lot of time with my shaman lately. Since it's my first alt since the introduction of the new dungeon finder tool, I made the decision to use it to play through a lot of the end-game content for The Burning Crusade. Utgarde Keep is available to me once I hit level 68, but I've run it countless times on my main already. Spending even more time there is uninspiring.

Besides, I know that I'll soon be grinding heroic UK along with all the other Northrend instances for emblems on a regular basis. I want to keep things fresh and different while I still can. Besides, is it a crime to like Magister's Terrace? And what herbalist doesn't appreciate all the freebies littered around The Botanica?

The problem, though, is that the group of people who actually want run these late-60s instances is terribly small. Most people are on a rush to the end game, lured away to Northrend by promises of overpowered greens. The queue wait for a DPS is longer than even the most patient can handle. And if you do find a group, places like Magister's Terrace can be frustratingly hard with four random, unskilled players.

"OMG, you guys -- the room is like filled with water or something! Should I go touch these spheres or what?"

These troubles got me thinking: With Cataclysm approaching, a lot of Northrend instances are going to go the way of Magister's Terrace. People will still grind through places like The Nexus because there are a bunch of quests associated with it. But will people still visit The Oculus? Pit of Saron? Or, worse yet, Halls of Reflection?

When you're grinding your shiny new worgen or goblin from 78 to 85, are you going to skip the end-game Wrath of the Lich King instances? Are there any end-game instances you consider a "must do?" And, dare I ask, will you ever again step foot into any of the Wrath raids?

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