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Fans have strong reaction to Dungeons and Dragons Online Offer Wall [Updated]

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

The DDO Offer Wall launched yesterday, and was met with a very enthusiastic reaction from fans of Dungeons and Dragons Online. Unfortunately, a lot of it was negative.

Players greatest concerns stem from the fact that Turbine is working with SuperRewards, a third party lead generator, for these point opportunities. Giving personal information to an unknown is worrisome, of course, and concerns have grown to the point where some players claim that just looking at the offers page will infect your computer. On the other hand, many players are reporting that they checked out the offers, received their points, and moved on with a computer that was completely unaffected.

Update: Turbine has since added an update post to their forums, giving further information about the program. The Offer Wall has been temporarily removed while Turbine investigates player concerns over email and username security.

Trading rewards for offers in this fashion is nothing new -- Runes of Magic does something very similar, and the concept itself goes back years in the form of sites such as MyPoints. So what's the truth behind this new promotion?

We've contacted Turbine and are awaiting a response, and keep an eye out for Thursday's Exploring Eberron when we take an in-depth look at this new feature.

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