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A look at EverQuest II's new Halas housing

Jef Reahard

EverQuest II is one of the few MMORPGs to offer robust player housing options, so imagine our collective excitement when a short Q&A session with housing designer Andres Rodriguez popped up on the official site. Rodriguez, responsible for designing the new houses for the forthcoming city of New Halas, talks about his visual influences as well as a few of the features players can expect to see when their dwellings become available in the city.

"We were trying to give the housing in New Halas a very warm and inviting feel to contrast with the cold climate of the region. To do this, we decided to use a lot of wood and barbarian elements in the design of the houses. So the houses have a slight cabin feel to it with subtle barbarian elements and trims in it, to let the players use this space in any way they want. I'm always excited to see what players create within their homes," Rodriguez enthused.

The houses will be offered with two, four, and six room floor plans, and all will feature views of the nearby sea. The sizes compare with those found in EQII's other cities, but the New Halas locales have been designed from the ground up to be very different stylistically.

Check out the interview as well as our previous New Halas coverage. Finally, hit the jump for a gallery of the new interiors.

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